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Facebook: Where Gen-Y's Personal and Work Lives Converge

Social networking is blurring the lines between people's personal and professional lives, particularly among younger generations, according to a new study by Millennial Branding.

Gen-Y Facebook users (those now roughly age 18-29) often use their Facebook profiles as an extension of their professional personalities, even as they socialize with family and friends, the study finds.

On average, Gen-Y Facebook users are connected to 16 co-workers via Facebook, although that number is a relatively small percentage (2.3%) of their total average friend count (696):

Below, additional findings from Millennial Branding's study of 4 million Gen-Y Facebook profiles, gathered via's database on Facebook.

Gen-Y Facebook Users Define Themselves by Colleges, Not Workplaces

Only 36% of Gen-Y Facebook users list an employer on their Facebook profile, whereas 80% list at least one school.

Short work stints are common: Gen-Y Facebook users spend an average of just over 2 years at their first job—and, interestingly, "owner" is the fifth-most popular title among this entrepreneurial generation.

Moreover, only 7% of Gen-Y Facebook users are employed by a Fortune 500 company, according to the study.

Top Employers

Likely a sign of a down economy, the travel and hospitality industry now employs most Gen-Y Facebook users (7.2%), followed by consumer products companies (6.8%) and the US Government and Military (4.5%). 

The US Military is the largest Gen-Y employer overall (3.2%), followed by second-ranked Walmart (0.53%) and third-ranked Starbucks (0.45%).

Deloitte (0.189%) and Hollister (0.187%) are ranked No. 11 and No. 12, respectively.   

About the study: Data and analytics for the study were provided by, the largest professional database on Facebook. The study was complied on November 15, 2011, among 4 million Gen-Y users (age 18-29) and roughly 1 million users listing a job entry; 90% of users were located in the US.  


  • by Kerry Tue Jan 10, 2012 via web

    Great stats--and one of the reasons your Facebook or LinkedIn profile can even be leveraged as a resume, usable on mobile devices or otherwise.

  • by Rodney Zanoria Wed Jan 11, 2012 via web

    The stats tells us a million things about our economy today. Imagine this:

    Why would the US gov't ranked first under jobs?
    "Are more people seeking financial security working for the gov't?"

    Why would travel and hospitality be on top?
    "Shouldn't it be Medical and Healthcare?"

    And why do the Gen Y's use the "owner" instead of a title like CEO, or President?