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Webinar Benchmarks: Marketing, Scheduling, and Length

What are the most popular methods for promoting webinars? When do people tend to register for webinars? And how long are webinars, on average?

GoToWebinar analyzed 350,890 webinars hosted by more than 16,000 of its customers in the past year and came up with some answers. The webinars included in the dataset for the report were hosted by companies of various sizes from around the world.

The most popular channels for promoting webinars are company websites, email newsletters, partner properties, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Some 68% of registrations occur in the week leading up to a webinar, on average; 33% of registrations occur on the day of the live event, on average.

Thursday is the most preferred day for attending webinars. Tuesday is the most popular day for registering for webinars (24% of attendees do so).

Some 58% of webinars are between 45 minutes and 60 minutes long.

About the research: The report was based on data from 350,890 webinars hosted by more than 16,000 GoToWebinar customers in the past year.


  • by Jacklyn Allgayer Wed Nov 29, 2017 via web

    Some 58% of webinars are between 45 minutes and 60 minutes long. But when do people typically drop? Do they stay the whole day through?

    Great research!

  • by Daniel Waas Wed Nov 29, 2017 via web


    In the research we found that on average people spend 61 minutes on a webinar. That does include all sessions run on GoToWebinar, so including internal/external training and internal communications.

    In terms of drop-off we saw that 75% of attendees are still around at the half-way mark of the webinar and many stay on at the very end.

    I delivered a talk at INBOUND this year going into more details on this and we also ran that as a webinar. See the recording here for more details: https://www.gotostag...