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The State of Marketing Attribution and Measurement: Do You Measure Up? [Infographic]

A whopping 91% of marketers agree that measurement of their efforts is a top priority, yet only 13% rank their measurement abilities as "excellent," according to an infographic by B2B marketing attribution experts BrightFunnel.

The top reason for creating an attribution and measurement strategy is to show impact on pipeline and revenue, according to the infographic, which suggests setting aside time to speak with all team members so they know what to measure and how to implement measurement across their programs.

Having the right tools in place can help marketers measure the impact of their work, yet 51% of marketers use only Excel spreadsheets and haven't yet implemented CRM, marketing automation tools, or a dedicated attribution platform, according to data the infographic cites.

Implementing the right measurement techniques can be helpful not just to your company but also to your job. More and more marketers have quotas tied to revenue, the infographic explains, with three-quarters of all marketers responsible for lead-based, revenue-based, and/or account-based quotas.

To see the full state of marketing attribution and determine how your company measures up, check out the infographic: