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The Top Three Reasons Sales and Marketing Alignment Is Off [Infographic]

Why, oh, why, in a time when Marketing and Sales alignment is all the buzz, are some marketing and sales teams' goals still not syncing up?

There are three main reasons, according to an infographic by InsideView:

1. Communication: Nearly half of all sales and marketing professionals agree this is a major issue, according to the graphic, and lack of communication is preventing each team from getting what they need from the other team.

2. Broken processes: Even something as simple as setting up regular, scheduled meetings can help.

3. Disconnected metrics: When Marketing focuses on brand awareness and top of funnel leads, whereas Sales priorities are attaining quotas and speeding up the sales cycle, it's hard to find a meeting of the minds about what to focus on.

Check out the infographic to see how your organization fares against these three challenges:


  • by Carlos Hidalgo Mon Feb 12, 2018 via web

    I agree that lack of process is an issue between marketing & sales. One other big issue which is a root cause leading to the symptom of mis-aligned teams is a lack of a common view of the customer.

    Also, need to get away from this idea that "marketing is there to support sales." This is such old thinking. Marketing and sales are there to support your customer across every stage of their lifecycle.

  • by Mithilesh Pal Mon Feb 12, 2018 via mobile

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    Mithilesh Pal

  • by Erik Wed Feb 14, 2018 via web

    I'd argue the root cause is leadership's inability to 1) recognize, 2) admit to, and 3) do something about the problem. The mechanics to align the commercial team are really not that hard once 1, 2, and 3 are addressed. Or, I should say, not hard for SMP Alignment.