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The Updated Guide to Facebook Ad Placements [Infographic]

Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm place more importance on friends' updates than those of business pages, so "boosting" your posts (i.e., spending money to do so) is nearly a necessity to ensure a sustained reach.

But there's more to gain from Facebook advertising than increased reach and engagement. Facebook offers various targeting and display capabilities, and it can also help you encourage app installs, video views, and site traffic.

Many advertisers have a good understanding of their target audiences on Facebook, but many are still unsure about which type of ad placement will give them the best results when targeting those audiences. That's where today's infographic from Spiralytics can help.

The updated guide to Facebook's advertising placements shows you which placements will help you with your specific advertising goals and objectives, and what type of creatives those placements support.

It offers insight into how to best use the tools Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Audience Network, Instant Articles, and Messenger to achieve your target goals. So, to make sure your Facebook ads are placed effectively, check out the infographic: