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22 Tips to Help Make Free Shipping Profitable [Infographic]

"Free shipping" is every online shopper's favorite phrase, but the practice of delivering goods with no additional charge can be expensive for brands.

The team at RedStag Fulfillment evaluated feedback from 1,000 shoppers and put together an infographic with 22 data-backed tips for brands to make free shipping profitable.

The study found that 56% of shoppers increased their order size because of a free shipping offer, which means brands may want to consider setting minimum order values for shoppers to be eligible for free shipping.

The data also found that 88% of shoppers would wait longer for an order to arrive rather than pay for shipping, so brands can consider ground shipping and other inexpensive options.

For all the tips, check out the graphic. Tap or click to view a larger version.



  • by ikonicsolution Sat May 26, 2018 via web

    This is really helpful for me. thanks for premium quality article.