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Six Ways Bad Data Can Cost You, and Five Tips for Cleansing It [Infographic]

The best creative in the world can't save a marketing campaign if the data it's based on is bad, and having good data means going beyond targeting nthe right campaigns to the right people. It means also knowing...

• What stages of the buying journey your customers are in so you can target content exactly to their needs

• Which products customers have purchased so you can make relevant recommendations

• Which channels your audience uses to interact with your brand

Old and obsolete data can also hurt your ability to make informed decisions that help propel your business forward, says an infographic by multichannel marketing services provider Connext Digital. Check out the graphic to see five ways to cleans your data and get more out of your campaigns:


  • by Diana Da Silva Fri Jul 13, 2018 via web

    Great visual to break down a topic a lot of people don't really understand. To help make cleaning and keeping your data at it's best I always suggest a data matching cleansing program. It just isn't worth spending the hours and hours cleaning your database, just to have it get messy way too soon again. Talk about heartbreaking! There are lots of tools out there to help, but you really have to be careful about accuracy and ease of use.