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To Bot or Not to Bot? [Infographic]

More than 60% of consumers report feeling that chatbots are the way of the future for customer service, and that's great news for businesses.

Soon, researchers predict, up to $0.70 could be saved per transaction via the use of bots, according to an infographic by Comm100, a chatbot provider.

With chatbot use growing, organizations must have a system in place to understand what sort of return they're getting from the technology.

The infographic outlines tools for doing that in five key steps:

  1. Identify eligible queries
  2. Calculate the percentage of chat dealing with eligible queries
  3. Calculate agent time spent on eligible chats
  4. Estimate the annual cost of handling eligible chats
  5. Understand how your chatbot stacks up

To see whether chatbots might be right for your business, check out the infographic:


  • by Martin Tue Aug 21, 2018 via web

    Thanks for the infographic, Laura. But I was reading over the source of your data and diving a bit deeper, and some of the data is wrong that they cite. For example, 50% of consumers already engage with chatbots -- The citation for that data doesn't talk about chatbots and it doesn't give any statistics (https://go.forrester...).

    Not trying to cause problems, but I wanted to share that! Thanks!

  • by Laura Tue Aug 21, 2018 via web

    Hi Martin, thanks for the heads up. I've let the creators of the infographic know. I see that some of the data is accessible only through paid reports, so it's possible that's where the stat you referenced came from. But either way, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention! --Laura