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How to Make Money as a Writer [Infographic]

Whether you're a writer looking for clients or a brand that wants to hire freelance writers, today's infographic, by Global English Editing, will give you some insight into how the world of freelance writing works and how you can expect to be compensated (or to compensate).

For writers, the graphic explores the types of writing available. There's copywriting, which is the art of writing to sell. There's blogging, where you can include ad space or become an industry influencer, both of which will help drive revenue. You might also choose to write for publications or become an editor, and the graphic gives tips on where to find those types of freelance work.

For businesses looking to hire writers, the graphic includes a chart of hourly freelance writing rates (which will, of course, vary by type of content, experience level of the writer, and location).

The graphic also includes online resources where writers and companies can find each other.

Check out the graphic for more info. Just tap or click to see a larger version.