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Why Email Still Reigns Supreme [Infographic]

Despite all the marketing channels that have emerged in the past two decades, email has succeeded in holding its ground. It remains one of the most effective tools that marketers have to reach both prospects and customers.

How has email withstood the test of time? This interactive infographic by email design and HTML-coding company Email Monks gives eight reasons for email's effectiveness:

1. It drives conversions.

2. Its efforts are measurable.

3. It reaches customers in real-time and can be personalized.

4. It works at every stage of the buyer's journey.

5. Many of its processes can be automated, freeing up marketers' time.

6. It is continually being updated with interactivity and animation.

7. It's a prime channel for testing.

8. It's a permission-based channel.

To learn more about this king of marketing channels, check out the infographic. Just tap or click to see a larger version.


  • by Alison Thu Aug 2, 2018 via web

    Thanks for the great content! I've always been a big advocate of email marketing and it's great to have something to point out to clients that easily explains why it's so valuable.

  • by karenminton Fri Aug 3, 2018 via web

    Thanks Laura Forer for sharing this article .Its very informative and useful to me..........