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72 Stats to Help You Plan Your SEO Strategy [Infographic]

A whopping 67,000 searches are performed on Google every second.

Faster page load speed improves your search rankings.

Google updates its search algorithm several times a year.

Nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location.

Is your head spinning yet? Keeping up with everything SEO can be challenging for search marketers. User behavior changes with new trends, and algorithms are updated frequently.

An infographic by SEO agency advisor SEO Tribunal puts relevant 72 stats into one place and includes...

  • A timeline of search engine launches
  • A timeline of Google algorithm updates
  • Comparisons of the top search engines' market share
  • Search trends (what we've seen in the past and what to expect in the future)
  • Mobile vs. desktop search statistics
  • Google ranking factors
  • SEO tips for local business
  • Top influencers and tools in SEO
  • The companies that dominate search results

Check out the infographic to find out what you need to know about SEO: